Nice to meet you….

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This blog is a open window on my various photographic works. I like to explore the world with my camera and sometimes just one image presents my feelings of this moment. This reality is mine and I’m happy to share it with you.

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Enjoy and let me know your comments…

thanks for coming to my image’s world.


Dialogue between a flower and a cactus

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– You know what?

– What?

– I believe that I’m not  made for this world!

Is this the world that we have? stress, individualism, selfishness, ego, productivity, suffering?

I’m not made for it. I listen what the Noble Truths said: suffering exist, there is a solution against suffering,… the solution is release attachment.

But what I see is that my suffering comes so much for the attachment to an ideal, to a dream.

The ideal to have a world where love, compassion, understanding is the base, the energy who move people… and I have to let go this thought? Do I have to renounce to showing up my vulnerability and my love to the other?  Is it not that what we have to share with the other? And what I see…. is  this need to share possession, rights or material thoughts, judgment and competition!

And I observe… and see persons living in community  without touching empathy, persons engaging them self with other but unable to see them or taking care of them, person who shows them up as « on the path to » – I don´t  know what really – but not able to put them self in other’s seat,  family where dialogue is based in getting the last word in place to listen from the heart.

I don´t judge the other way of living. I just feel that I need protection. This world is very  hard for me. I would feel a place where we can relate to the other from the heart, from  our own vulnerability.

And I struggle! I struggle between not wanting letting go the profound ideal and the acceptation that it is like it is.

Do I have to renounce?

Bel oiseau….

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Cela peut être un des plus bel oiseau du monde pourtant..

même le paon royal

quand il ne regarde que son nombril,

perd de sa splendeur

et l’expérience de la vie à ciel ouvert!



STOP & Enough

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Sometimes a Stop is necessary to find a new direction.
Sometimes we loose the self in the connections of the mind.

We don´t find the way,

We are not sure to stop,

We want to reach something but all is already there…

Just we are lost in the cables of emotions, doubts and questions.

STOP · it´s enough

STOP ·  Enough

Just as it is.

Looking forward…. for what?

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Looking forward....

It could be me in this sculpture!
Since I remember .. I’m looking forward.

I look, I seek, I see…. I’m there standing, waiting, looking if it will come from outside, from far away, from you, from life.

….but for what?

Now it is a chaotic period for the world,… for me: certainly!

I try to stand. I learn standing by myself. .. ….for what?

Maybe I stand up because I know that I have something to follow… even if it´s alone.

A close friend send me this poem after reading a letter of me.

All is there. Thank you.

The Way It Is

There’s a thread you follow. It goes among 

things that change. But it doesn’t change.

People wonder about what you are pursuing. 

You have to explain about the thread.

But it is hard for others to see.

While you hold it you can’t get lost. 

Tragedies happen; people get hurt

or die; and you suffer and get old. 

Nothing you do can stop time’s unfolding. 

You don’t ever let go of the thread.

William Stafford

Serán circonsanticas?

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Hace poco una persona me comento que elegimos lo que vivimos. Elegimos donde hemos nacido y que este es el camino de aprendizaje. No lo dudo. Lo creo o por lo menos intento. Pero me pregunto profundamente si elegimos bien. .. o mejor dicho, no se si he elegido bien. Confió en que no hay culpables, no hay culpa… solo hay circonstancias.


Como para los dueños de esta casa derrumbada por un terremoto! Así siento mi corazón o mi vida hoy.

Han elegido bien los materiales? Serán circonstancias del pais donde vive.

Han elegido bien el lugar para construirla? Serán circonstancias de sus ancestros.

Hoy me pregunto si he elegido bien?

Si he elegido bien entrar en un familia donde aún no se si alguién me conoce por lo que soy? Serán circonstancias de unos padres en sufrimiento….

Si he elegido bien ser invisible en los ojos de las personas que comparten mi vida? Serán circonstancias de sus sueños de vida….

Si he elegido bien trabajar dando al otro cuando deseo recibir también? Serán circonstancias de una camino donde me olvido….

Si he elegido bien ser amiga de personas que no tienen espacio para el otro? Serán circonstancias de sus educaciones…..

Si he elegido bien dar mi energia en crear espacios de silencio que se desvanecen más rapidamente que la palabra? Serán circonstancias energeticas…..

Si he elegido bien llegar en una sociedad donde el humanismo ha desaparecido y el Ego divide hasta la espiritualidad? Serán circonstancias del desarrollo individualista humano.

Si he elegido bien estar en esta vida?

The warmth of a hand

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the warmth of you hand

Sometimes I’m feeling so cold.

Feeling that I need to touch the warmth.

The warmth of the loved one’s voice, the warmth of a friend’s hand,

The warmth of the candle when I meditate.
Closing a project and see that my energy was not enough to create this silencemindfulness’s space bring me cold today.

It was a bubble of warmth, a space of love and moments where I could meet with the essential.

Once more, I learn that I have to warm up my hands, warm up my voice, warm up my heart myself.

Step by step… with slowness!


Construire le coeur….

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Le premier post était du mois de septembre 2008,

ensuite ce fût le mois d’octobre 2014,

et maintenant, le chemin de mon coeur se poursuit.

Nous sommes au mois de novembre 2016.

Les questions restent les mêmes, les battements se font plus intenses, plus tendres aussi.

Le partage est proche et sincère.

Petit à petit mon coeur se construit.

We are one.

je t’aime, je t’ème, geteme,…..

Aujourd’hui « Aimer »m’interpelle. C’est quoi aimer? c’est comment aimer?

J’aime mes enfants,j’aime francis,j’aime ma famille, j’aime la mer,j’aime le yoga, j’aime mes souvenirs, j’aime ceux que je choisis, j’aime la nature, j’aime naviguer, j’aime la culture, j’aime un sourire, j’aime l’odeur de l’herbe après la pluie, j’aime lire, j’aime voir,j’aime t’écouter, j’aime nager, j’aime les poissons, j’aime écrire, j’aime la vie, j’aime le chocolat, j’aime découvrir,……

c’est quoi aimer? A qui puis-je dire je t’aime? aux poissons? au ciel? au yoga? à Francis? à Benoît? à Steffi, à Sandrine? à ma tablette de chocolat? Cela fait peur de dire je t’aime? cela fait-il peur de recevoir un »je t’aime »? Quel cadeau peut-il être plus beau qu’un « je t’aime ».

Souvent recevoir où dire je t’aime fait peur car cela faussement voudrait impliquer un engagement, un acte sexuel où un lien…alors que ce n’est reellement qu’un sentiment qu’on offre à l’autre qu’il soit un poisson,un elément de la nature,un moment, une personne…..un petit bout de son coeur que l’on dédie à celui/celle qu’on aime. Bref j’ai encore beaucoup de « je t’aime » à dire je crois…..c’est un cadeau précieux qui s’offre avec respect et sans attente de retour. c’est plus qu’un engagement,

it’s  a feeling. the most beautiful one.