Nice to meet you….

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This blog is a open window on my various photographic works. I like to explore the world with my camera and sometimes just one image presents my feelings of this moment. This reality is mine and I’m happy to share it with you.

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thanks for coming to my image’s world.


Is it that the world I live in?

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It’s long time that I don’t take the time to write in my blog. Not that nothing was important this days or months but just that I started to work with Instagram and share my pictures there. But now.. it’s time to write again.

The image is not enough. I need to put words on my feelings.

I am sad. Deeply sad. Even if I can feel the gratitude in every moment I also feel that I am never on the right place. I feel a gap between the world and me. Like the loneliness feeling or this feeling of never be adequate where I am.

This feeling to be in a world cold and competitive that I don’t recognize like the world I want to live in. I don’t want to live in a society where we are just looking for our individual wellness, where there is no more « free » offering to others and where all is counted.

What I give you, you need to give me! Is that our world now?

where is the altruism, the offering, the free giving.. just the care of other before our own, individual and selfish needs? I am not sure that I want to walk in this cold world.
I love to share, to offer and also realize that I am looking to feel that other also share, care and protect me.

Is the path an individual path? I have learned that yes. It is an individual path and sometimes other person meet you on the way, make some steps with you and then go back to their own individual, selfish needs?

My question is what to do with this? Where do I have to go? where is the world I want to live in?  This world of kindness, offering and peace. Not a stupid loving place.. but a serious world where sanity, listening and trust are there to make people growing in their own basic goodness. Just this.. offering the person to touch, feel and be this inner basic human goodness.

We are all born with it. Why not make each step of our life with this as partner? With the wish of wellbeing for other and not the supression of other’s succes. The opening to vulnerability, to our heart because we trust that nobody will try to hurt us.

Where is this world? can I create it? Can I survive in this society if I build my life, my relationship, my work on confidence, heartfulness and kindness?
I don’t know?!

There is the sadness in my heart. The not knowing  if it is possible. Maybe I become an adult? I used to believe that it was possible. Now I ask myself if I miss the correct moment to came on Earth… and be just a vulnerable, sensitive human being.

let go and fly..

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It was a dream or was it this vision that you are expecting from so long? Some idea coming from an universe where feelings don’t have words but just energy.

Some place where you don’t really know if it’s real or not.

I could see him so clearly and hear his warm voice with the same rhythm as she was.

I was wondering and questioning a previous reply. But not from him. This reply that I couldn’t believe. « Only me? »

Is it right? is it what I have to do? Nobody could answer me. I had this thought in me already from a few days, weeks or maybe years.

I know that deep inside me I had loved to have someone to care this question with me, to help me to see if the path is correct.

And he was there. This night, the last one of the year. And which year!

He said just this, looking at me: « promise me to not come back ».

All was said.

I could feel my body becoming lighter. I could feel the power of his eyes and the tenderness of his love and care for me.

I could let go.

I could fly.

I woke up.



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Waiting is not wasting time.

it´s just allowed life to give you

what is really for you.





No dualidad

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Me separo de ti

pero sigues allí;

No estas en tu cuerpo

y sigues allí;

Me abandona,

pero sigues allí;

Se marcha,

pero sigue allí;

Te vas,

y estas aqui.

Be water. Be part of the ocean….

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mindfulness be water be love not knowing

…..of life. Do you think you are different of the ocean? do you think we are different of the dauphin when he is swimming in the immensity of ocean?

We are also swimming in the ocean of not-knowing.

Not knowing if we are on the right path?

Not knowing if we are alone?

Not knowing the colors of our feelings sometimes?

Not knowing what will be tomorrow, the next wave, the next breath?

Not knowing if we can follow our dream, our heart?

Not knowing if we are water, dauphin or human?

Not knowing maybe is the more « open mind » attitude to be water, to be with what it is…. without judging. Just receiving what life is offering.

Does the water know it´s water? Does the dauphin know he is dauphin?

Do I know who I am?

Maybe not?.. but I know I want follow swimming, loving, definitely being water.

Propriété privée?

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A qui appartenons nous?

Elle lui appartient? Il lui appartient?

Je me déguise de toi et tu te déguises de moi.

Je me demande pourquoi ne pourrait-elle pas entrer si tu lui ouvres la porte?

De qui es-tu la propriété?

De cette barrière en bois qui n’est que le reflet du temps passé?

Ou osera-t-il être ce jardin, ce lieu ou elle rêve de recevoir sa lumière et ses couleurs?

Aura-t-il le courage de rouvrir les barrières qui le referment à ce qu’il sait qui est pour lui?

Elle reste avec l’envie de lui dire que il lui manques.

Je reste avec l’envie que nous n’appartenions qu’à nous.


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El encuentro nunca es fortuito.
Es un momento, una palabra, un soplo de viento
que abren los petalos de las flores.

La entrega es completa
cuando en el ojo del otro brilla esta luz tan fuerte
que podría iluminar una noche sin luna.

El regalo es mutuo?!
no! el regalo es mio.

Lo que es mio ahora es tuyo.