let go and fly..


It was a dream or was it this vision that you are expecting from so long? Some idea coming from an universe where feelings don’t have words but just energy.

Some place where you don’t really know if it’s real or not.

I could see him so clearly and hear his warm voice with the same rhythm as she was.

I was wondering and questioning a previous reply. But not from him. This reply that I couldn’t believe. « Only me? »

Is it right? is it what I have to do? Nobody could answer me. I had this thought in me already from a few days, weeks or maybe years.

I know that deep inside me I had loved to have someone to care this question with me, to help me to see if the path is correct.

And he was there. This night, the last one of the year. And which year!

He said just this, looking at me: « promise me to not come back ».

All was said.

I could feel my body becoming lighter. I could feel the power of his eyes and the tenderness of his love and care for me.

I could let go.

I could fly.

I woke up.


~ par gaetanehermans sur décembre 31, 2018.

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